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England international goes in on “shit decision”

There are perhaps three certainties in life.

Death, taxes and a Victor Radley yellow card. Every week the England international seems to get into trouble every week but often for harsh reasons.

His latest yellow was perhaps the harshest yet as it seemed to be little more than a clash of heads.

Speaking after the incident he went on a bit of a rant.

“I’m all over the shop personally. I was losing my mind in the sheds there. It was a head clash. I don’t know who made that decision. Shit decision. Sorry,” Radley said on Fox Sports post game.

“For us to win that game, we shouldn’t have been in that position but we were and [Luke] Keary nailed it in the end, then we hung on with some good defence in the end.

“I’m all over the shop. My heads gone. I’m lost.

“It was a head clash. It was sweat. For me to get ten in the bin for that, I don’t know. I’m all over the shop right now at the end of the game.

“I’m so happy we won. If we lost, I would have been even worse.

“I don’t know what they see in that. It was a head clash, but whatever.”

Ironically it comes at the time that it suggested that a five minute sin bin be introduced with yellow cards said to be “ruining the game.”

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