Eddie and Stevo on the standard of refereeing after “harsh” yellow cards

Eddie and Stevo have had their say on the standard of refereeing in Super League at present.

This came as they spoke about some harsh yellow cards recently seen in Super League which could be said to have cost teams games.

There was a potential example as St Helens lost to Leigh Leopards last week as Matty Lees was sin binned meanwhile the week before a yellow card for Ryan Brierley caught the eye.

On this Eddie Hemmings said on the Eddie and Stevo podcats:

“It looked harsh, it really did. The penalty count at the stage that he was sent off was just six-four in Warrington’s favour, now that doesn’t sound to me like an ill-disciplined game. Jack Smith was very quick with the whistle and the yellow card.”

This led Stevo to say of the standard of refereeing:

“That’s his job, last week everyone was saying that the standard of refereeing is fantastic. Look they’re only human beings and if I was on the losing side and we had a player sent to the sin bin or sent off, then it would be a great excuse for me to say ‘that’s the reason why we lost’.

“Some of these coaches they’re not happy to be put under the spotlight of being interviewed and without saying that it was the turning point. Yes it was a turning point but you can’t blame the referee.

“The two eight point tries, we are desperately trying to make sure that this game of rugby league isn’t as rough and tough as it has been in the past. There’s a lot of complaints and a lot of ex players trying to sue the game itself because of concussion.”

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