Derek Beaumont seemingly again hits back at criticism with comical tweet outlining threat Leigh Leopards pose to Super League

Derek Deaumont is one of the most ambitious men in rugby league and that has been emphasised recently as he pulled off 10 major signings.

He brought in Leeds Rhinos duo Zak Hardaker and Tom Briscoe, beat Super League rivals to Huddersfield Giants star Ricky Leutele and Gareth O’Brien from Castleford Tigers.

This was alongside five signings from Warrington Wolves in the shape of Jack Hughes, Oliver Holmes, Matt Davis, Rob Mulhern and Jacob Gannon.

However, his ambition even saw these major signings overshadowed as he boldly renamed the Leigh Centurions as the Leigh Leopards.

This currently got people talking and has been a marketing dream in that respect.

It came with a bold new look too which has also sparked debate with fans claiming that the leopard on the home shirt is in fact a jaguar prompting the club to turn to a wild life expert to confirm it is in fact a leopard.

In responding to criticism they also added red to the kit as well.

As criticism comes the way of Beaumont and the newly named Leopards, he has stood his ground taking to twitter to say that season ticket sales and shirt sales have all beaten out previous years and that there has been “big NRL interest in them.”

Meanwhile, Beaumont has again hit out at criticism as he shared an interesting image of a leopard in “stealth mode” before joking that “oh hang in, is a leopard?” clearly referencing those who have claimed that the kit has the wrong animal on the front.

He said on Twitter: “In stealth mode! So, do you see this pic as ready to pounce on the rest of SL or on the way back down from it? Iā€™m a ready to pounce and compete well! Either way what a great pic of a Leopard oh hang on is it a Leopard.”

It is interesting too that he seems to reference those who believe Leigh will again suffer relegation in 2023 as they did the last three times they played in Super League as he said:

“So, do you see this pic as ready to pounce on the rest of SL or on the way back down from it?”

Interesting that he acknowledged this possibility tho he seems very confident that he will catch Super League out in 2023.