Cooper: Controlling the ruck is key

Warrington Wolves forward Mike Cooper has said whichever team wins the ruck will win the game against St Helens on Saturday.

The Wire have won their last two games against the champions. The first was in the Challenge Cup Final, while the second was a 19-0 victory back in February.

Cooper did say those performances will not be a factor this time around.

He said: “We watched a bit of video of when we played them in February. It actually felt like a year ago. The game has changed a lot since COVID.

“I think the speed of the game suits both teams. I think that’s the key, controlling the ruck. Who can slow the game down, and speed it up when they want to, and play on your terms.

“Of course we look at games we previously played against them. But what is more important is how they have played in the last few weeks, and that is what we will focus on.”

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