Chris Chester opens up on online trolling and abuse

Incumbent Wakefield boss Chris Chester has had his fair share of trolling over the years.

From his time at Hull KR to his current spell at Wakefield, Chester has never really been free of online hate and he bared all in the latest episode of The Coaching Manual.

Even when the former Super League forward had been playing golf in the past, he could not get away from the abuse, Chester told Sky Sports.

“It’s a funny story now, but it wasn’t at the time when we were going through a tough spell at the start of 2016,” Chester said.

“I was at the ninth hole and my ball has gone off to the left, and a greenkeeper has come up to me and says: ‘They’re calling for your head on Facebook’.

“It was just one of those moments where you wonder why did you feel the need to come over to me when I’m enjoying a bit of golf and trying to get some time away from the pressure and stresses of coaching?

“It’s very difficult and I’ve spoken to my family about staying off social media, and you can’t stop what people are putting on there.

“Some of these people are adults with kids and if my kids ever wrote some of the stuff I’ve seen, I’d take their phones off them and ban them from using any social media platforms.”

Not only has Chester been on the end of professional abuse for his coaching results, he has also been on the end of personal hate. This has since influenced the Trinity boss to delete Facebook – a site which he was only on to keep in touch with family overseas.

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