Championship coach dismisses comparisons with Leeds Rhinos boss Rohan Smith

Bradford Bulls are hoping for a new era and part of that could be a new playing style.

Head Coach Mark Dunning spoke a lot about this as he spoke on the club’s YouTube channel:

“That’s what we’re aiming for, that’s what we’re aiming to create,” he said when asked about whether he would look to create an off the cuff and expansive style.

“When you look at review, you’ve got to look at yourself first.”

This style could be likened to that of Leeds Rhinos boss Rohan Smith and his time with the Bradford Bulls, but Dunning dismissed those suggestions: “I see your angle, but no because Jimmy Lowes and Rohan Smith is in the past and 2023 is all about this group of players.

“It is not about an individual, it is a collective. It is going to be different in 2022, it has to be because it wasn’t good enough. 2023 will be different because it has got to be.”

In fact he dismissed the Bulls history in general:

“We talk about it a lot, I say it a lot ‘the past is for reference, not for residence.’ We can’t live in t because if we do we’ll just get passed by even more so.

“We’ve spoken about it, we’ve reference, and we’ll move on and be the best version of ourselves at the end of 2022 and into 2023.”

Instead he is focused on building a new culture:

“To me culture is standards and behaviours that you’re prepared to live by. I could break that into thousands of things about what it looks like, but the message I’ve given to the players is that it is about the standards we live by daily.”

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