Chairman slams “minority” supporters of his OWN club

Derek Beaumont is a passionate owner and, after taking Leigh into Super League, has had his work cut out in trying to keep them there.

However, he issued a statement earlier in the week, detailing an update on the Centurions and praising the majority of supporters, whilst criticising the minority.

“I would like to address our key partners, sponsors and supporters further to the release where I advised I would provide an update on the Club prior to departing for a much needed holiday,” Beaumont wrote.

“I have previously stated some months ago that I am not using social media but I can well imagine it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

“The club will always belong to, and ultimately be dependent upon its partners, sponsors and spectators. Indeed, my financial input and security of the same is dependent on the support of the spectators. I will not be swayed from that support by a minority when I am well aware of the real support of the majority.”

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