Castleford Tigers’ Jordan Turner targeted by vile racist abuse in his own home

Castleford Tigers star Jordan Turner has been targeted by vile racist abuse at his own home.

In this day and age, such occurrences should never happen, but Turner’s home has been targeted with racist graffiti with the Jamaican international seeking to social media for help.

Turner tweeted: “My home (Standish, Wigan) has been the target of racial abuse. I’m pretty sure someone knows who is responsible for this. If anyone has information please contact me it will dealt with discreetly. CCTV In the area is being checked.”

The Castleford club has also joined the search, tweeting out: “We’re very sorry we have to share this, but if anyone can assist our very own @JordanTurner89 – please do. In no way is this acceptable.”

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