Barrie McDermott calls for rugby league to bring back these two concepts

Barrie McDermott certainly knows all about rivalries.

He had an ongoing battle with Stuart Fielden which acted as the centre piece of the Leeds-Bradford rivalry when the Leeds Rhinos and the Bradford Bulls would meet in some huge battles at times with silverware, including the Super League trophy, up for grabs.

However, he thinks the sport misses two rivalries in particular, though not the Leeds-Bradford one like you might expect.

No, he misses the Ashes Series between Great Britain and Australia and the rivalry between the two clubs.

Speaking on the Rhinos YouTube Channel, McDermott said:

“I think we miss, or I certainly miss the Great Britain Australia rivalry.

“I was lucky enough to play in three Ashes tests series. I made my debut in ’94 in one of them and they’re just seminal moments in my career, where I’ve played against players who I’d watched and idolised all my teenage years.

“Those Aussies seem to get over us each and every time don’t they? I mis Great Britain and I think that’s a rivalry that you just can’t top.”

He went on to suggest that a War of the Roses series should return acknowledging how much he loved playing for Lancashire:

“I loved playing for Lancashire. I think that’s a rivalry that could be harnessed and cultivated. We’d have to spend some time with it.”

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