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Assessing every Leigh Leopards badge Derek Beaumont has shared so far

It’s less than a week since Derek Beaumont made the bold decision to rebrand his beloved Leigh Centurions as the Leigh Leopards.

A bold decision, it was one that more than divided opinion but Beaumont needs to be commended for the way he has used it springboard themselves into the headlines and all over social media.

Beaumont has helped this by sharing almost daily different takes on the Leigh Leopards logo sparking debate on the internet.

So, we’re assessing every iteration of the Leigh Leopards logo we’ve seen.

1. Original:

This first logo is the original released at the launch. The shape of the logo, which is consistent throughout, is a great look for any sporting institute and the focus placed on the name at the top is brilliant. It is the Leopard itself that many have been unimpressed with but that is now the identity of the club. The eyes are a nice touch sustaining the red at the heart of the club however they could be more vibrant as could the overall look of the badge. Verdict: 6/10


The first one Beaumont shared on his personal account addressed that vibrancy issue with the bottom of the Leopard fading into red. Meanwhile, the name of the club is in red adding some much needed colour to the look. Verdict: 7/10


The third iteration took a backwards step. It removed the red fade from the top and from the lettering but kept it at the bottom. It just subtracts a little colour from the look. Verdict: 6/10


There’s something really artistic about this one. A cream background, a red leopard and no border. Why I appreciate the colourfulness of this look, it is perhaps a logo that wouldn’t be best suited on a kit but rather on the more professional side of the club. Verdict: 7/10


The latest look is very retro with a red boarder which forms the background for the name of the club which is presented in white letters in a font that hints back at logos from the nineties. The same leopard in black with red eyes. On the right lines with the use of colour, perhaps a modernised version of this particular iteration would be the best look, Verdict: 7/10

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anni Malshag

    October 27, 2022 at 2:49 pm

    They are all horrible. This man has an unhealthy obsession with Leopards and I’m pretty sure he is into bestiality

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