Adam Reynolds in shock development for Brisbane Broncos

Adam Reynolds could still make his debut for Brisbane Broncos against former side South Sydney Rabbitohs.

The NRL has opened the door for Broncos skipper Reynolds after previously being ruled out following a positive Covid test.

But in a shock twist of events, the Courier-Mail has revealed that the NRL has no restrictions on when players can return to the field, instead leaving the decision to clubs and their medical staff.

He had already signed a three-year deal with the Queensland outfit, but even though the Rabbitohs wouldn’t give the halfback longer than a year, Reynolds is currently thinking of extending that deal even further.

“My goal is to push on for longer than three years at the Broncos,” Reynolds told the Daily Telegraph.

“I have to take things a year at a time, but I don’t see this as a short-term thing. I want to repay the Broncos for the faith they have shown in me at this stage of my career.

“Obviously I get niggling injuries every now and then, but if you get caught up listening to the haters and the people trying to bring you down and telling you that you are no good, you will only fall into a trap of being no good.

“Overall the body is feeling good. I’m 31, I’ve been in the NRL for a long time, but to be honest I believe I can sign another contract with the Broncos after this one.

“That’s my plan. I have two years after this season and I believe my body will hold up for the three years or I wouldn’t have signed for that long.”

Reynolds, who has represented New South Wales five times during his career, is currently 31 years old which will mean he will be 34 when his current contract ends.

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