Why NRL star only received one-match ban for “dog shot” as Leeds Rhinos man avoids ban in same game

After New Zealand’s 48-10 win over Ireland at Leeds Rhinos’ Headingley Stadium in front of 14,044 fans, Ireland coach Ged Corcoran wasn’t happy with one decision in the game which he believed was a “game changer.”

This was the decision to only show NRL star Jared Waerea-Hargreaves a yellow card after what he called “a dog shot” believing that it should have been a red card for teh Sydney Roosters prop.

He also expected him to receive a ban that could end his tournament but it wasn’t even close with the prop just receiving a one-match ban.

Many may question why he didn’t receive a longer term ban.

Turning to the disciplinary minutes, the reason behind this was: “When tackling or attempting to tackle makes contact with the head or neck of an opponent – Reckless – tried to tackle but reckless about outcome.”

So the fact he tried to make a tackle but was reckless, he only receives a one-match ban.

Meanwhile, James Bell was the other player to be banned as the St Helens man was punished for a late hit on a passer during Scotland’s defeat to Fiji.

The panel also explained this ban: “A defending player makes contact with an opponent after the ball has
been released by an opponent in a vulnerable position which causes excessive flexion to the head, neck or spinal column of that opponent, which poses an unacceptable risk of injury to that player.”

That game as well as New Zealand’s game against Ireland was quite a big focus for the panel.

Turning back to the Kiwis vs Ireland, Leeds Rhinos star James Bentley avoided a ban for a head high tackle with the panel deeming the initial contact was lower before moving upwards.

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