‘We’re the third most tested sport through UKAD’ – RFL makes statement on drug-taking in rugby league

Recently, the issue of doping and drug-taking in rugby league has been doing the rounds after ITV released a damning report concerning former players Jamie Acton and Oliver Wilkes.

That has since prompted an influx of debates surrounding the issue with a number of former and current players and coaches giving their own say on the problem.

Meanwhile, RFL chief regulatory officer Karen Moorhouse, has told Sky Sports that the sport is doing all it can to ensure testing is rigorous enough.

“It’s been a tough couple of days but actually I think it’s shown the spotlight on all the good work that goes on across the sport to ensure we are a clear sport,” Moorhouse said.

“The same rules are in place right across the sport from Super League to throughout the community game.

“UKAD have the ability to test players and do indeed test players at all levels throughout the game.

“We take all the steps we can to ensure our sport is clean – that starts at education to make sure players are aware of what they put into their bodies to make sure no one accidentally breaches the rules.

Moorhouse was also keen to stress just how vigorous the RFL’s stance is on this.

“It’s really robust intelligence-led reporting, we encourage anyone with any concerns to report them to ourselves or UKAD and we pass on any concerns we have to them.

“We also have a robust testing program – we’re the third most tested sport through UKAD and through all the limbs of our policies we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure our sport is a clean sport.”

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