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“We could have easily challenged that but…” – Super League coach reveals why they didn’t appeal ban

Yesterday, Matty Lees was hit with a ban at a tribunal making it nine players who have been banned.

One of them was Hull KR’s Jesse Sue.

Speaking this week, coach Willie Peters said they could have appealed the decision but feared an extended ban.

He said:

“That’s one we could have easily challenged but the tricky part is then that makes it potentially two games. For me it was careless but I don’t think it was reckless.

“These are the ones we’re trying to get out of our game but we also need to understand that once players go a certain distance into the line, at pace, then you’re committed as a defender.”

He also revealed that the club had been given some clarity about a penalty they should have been given against Warrington Wolves in an incident that injured Matt Parcell:

“I spoke to the referee’s to get clarity around the decision that was made and we all make wrong decisions at times, referees are human and they admitted it was the wrong decision in terms of it should have been a penalty.

“It was good to get clarification around that but in terms of the actual incident, obviously there was no intent and you can’t see on the angles how or where he’s been contacted but there’s no doubt he’s been contacted in the head.

“It should have been a penalty because the line the player ran was straight towards Matt when he should have been tracking back towards the ball when contact was made.

“The unfortunate part for us is that we miss Matt in a major turning point in that game, we miss Matt this week and we didn’t get a penalty for it.

“It happens and I fully respect that the referees have to make a decision quickly but for us at least we got clarity that it was the wrong decision and we accept that.”

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