WATCH: Should this try have been awarded?

Warrington ran out 21-8 winners against Wigan last night, but controversy struck midway through the second-half when Jake Mamo raced away for a try.

Unfortunately for Wigan, Liam Marshall had tried to pick up a loose ball, only for former Warriors winger Josh Charnley to accidentally kick Marshall in the face as he ran for the ball.

Marshall was knocked unconscious, but the Wolves played on and Mamo ran almost 100 metres to dot down.

But, should the try have stood?

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1 year ago

Not saying yes! but it is concerning the number of doubtful decisions being made by our top referees, last night it would have been best to refer it to the video referee! It frustrates me how our video referee system, does not compare with the NRL Bunker system! they constantly chat, and if the referee makes a decision, the Bunker feel is wrong they speak with each other, several times referees down under have awarded tries recently, only for the Bunker to advise, it should be looked at, then disallowed.

At least our top referees are not calling the players Mate as much, but last night I wondered if the referee realised we could hear him? he was having a happy chat with someone as the play was stopped.

Graham Codd
Graham Codd
1 year ago

Not for me, when a player loses the ball through an injury such as this in my opinion the referee should have called a halt.