Tommy Makinson reveals when he nearly joined an NRL club and why he stayed at St Helens

In 2023, St Helens will take on Penrith Panthers in the World Club Challenge down under in an opportunity for the Saints to underline their quality.

Especially the world class stars in their side such as Tommy Makinson.

Speaking to Serious About Rugby League today, Tommy Makinson explained how he came close to joining an NRL club:

“There have been a couple of times when I have been close to going over there. In 2018, I was close to going over there.

“It was something that I saw myself doing but then things change with families and friends. For some it is a dream, but now I have had a testimonial at Saints and won all that I have, it has been a great time in my career.

“It was one of them where life is life. I am happy with what I have done here.”

He explained that the togetherness of the squad was key to his decision to stay at St Helens:

“It’s one of those groups where if you took a few out it wouldn’t be the same like with James Roby, I am sure he could have gone elsewhere throughout his career.

“We all have a really bond and special characters, we love doing what we do and for the last four years it has been winning.”