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Time for some forward thinking ?

Video referees

We’ve had another weekend of action where tries have been given when TV replays have shown there were clear forward passes in the build up .

As things stand a forward pass is one of the few things a referee can’t refer to the video ref , it’s easy to understand why as a 2 dimensional screen with cameras not directly in line can sometimes give the impression a flat pass has gone forward .

There are obvious cases though were we can clearly see a pass has strayed forward and been missed by the ref or the line judges.
There was one case at the weekend of a try being scored where the pass was so far forward the receiver was offside when the ball was thrown , he was in front of the player passing him the ball . Surely in obvious cases like this the video ref can be called and the right decision given ?

It works in the 15 a side game and can work in ours , the VR can judge on a knock on so surely this is not much different ?
There was a try ruled out in the recent Saints -Wigan derby where John Bateman was adjudged to have knocked on in collision . It was in fact a forward pass , an attacking player deliberately releasing the ball to a team mate is surely a pass ? The right decision was given as the pass was 2 yards forward but surely under these rules the try could have been awarded ? Allowing the VR to rule a pass forward would take away this anomaly.

I’m not suggesting we get hawk eye to look at a pass and say it was 2 millimetres forward , the on field ref makes his decision and TV evidence would have to prove conclusively the pass was forward to disallow it . Changing the rule would only correct clear errors and not 50-50 calls, as is the case now on all decisions .

Technology should be used to help as much as possible , if it is to be used at all , and surely for once we should follow our union friends and put this right too ?

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