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“The game will never grow whilst it’s run by clowns” – how social media reacted to Liam Watts’ upgraded ban

It’s been one of the most-talked about issues in the past week, but Liam Watts’ ban has been upgraded from one game to two, according to a ‘frivolous’ challenge of his grading. But, just how has social media reacted?

Watts himself got in on the act.

Some fan even saw it the funny side of it, comparing Watts’ reaction to a scene from the much-loved British TV series Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere.

One Castleford fan was incredibly unhappy to say the least.

Another called for the Tigers to take things further.

Another Twitter user criticised the RFL’s appeal process.

A different Castleford fan highlighted the inconsistency of the decision.

One particular supporter even believed the on-field punishment of a sinbin was too harsh.

Another stressed the ridiculousness of the appeals process.

Another Twitter user attacked the RFL.

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