Super League owner reveals his club is only still here because of its partners and reveals their strong yearly budget

Catalans Dragons owner Bernard Guasch has revealed the club is only still standing because of the club’s partner as he hopes for a strong year in 2023 after the struggles of the pandemic.

Speaking about the club’s partners to L’Independant, he said:

“We are constantly making progress in this area. We have tremendous support from business leaders. We have over 400 local businesses coming back to the pot this year.

“Don’t be afraid to say it. The club is holding today thanks to these partners. We will break the records this year, so as to exceed 5 million private sponsorships in the department. That’s huge, when you know that USAP comes before us. Chronologically, it comes before us with companies, since their championship begins in the summer.”

The club has struggled like so many because of the pandemic but they are still operating with their $12 million budget for 2023 and beyond.

He said:

“We have been on that $12 million budget for three or four years. We will still be on this basis in 2023, but it is the end of the season in the league and the Cup that are preponderant then at the level of financial bonuses.”

Despite these financial issues, the club is still set to make two further signings ahead of 2023.

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