Super League ‘needs’ Featherstone, according to Rovers chief

Super League would be a better off place with Featherstone Rovers in it, according to chief executive Martin Vickers.

The top flight needs freshening up and Featherstone would provide just that, the former Salford Red Devils and Toronto Wolfpack official has said.

“It’s absolutely buzzing the place, I see a lot in the media about a village club, but there is a whole army of Featherstone fans the length and breadth of West Yorkshire,” Vickers said.

“£30,000 of merchandise has been sold in the past two weeks, they are hellbent on this being a successful weekend, so it’s a blessing for me to be around the club.

“Since I’ve been here I’ve seen a Super League club; Super League needs a fresh club with the vibrancy and passion of Featherstone Rovers.”

Vickers was also keen to stress that Rovers have improved on many aspects away from the field as compared to most clubs around the COVID time.

“Our gates have bucked the trend since COVID – we’ve taken a lot of fans to away games and only twice Featherstone haven’t outnumbered the home support.

“We’re the noisy neighbours, the new kids on the block, and I genuinely think Featherstone would make a difference.

“We would inject passion and momentum into Super League, clubs are jaded and COVID has took its toll.”

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