Super League coach suggests star’s ban was accidental “but it’s the rules of the game now”

Going into this week’s games, nine Super League players were hit with bans.

One of them was Hull FC’s Scott Taylor after he was placed on report against Wakefield Trinity.

Now Hull boss, Tony Smith had his say.

“Yeah, he was good last week. It’s a blow, I’m not going to lie, he’s in good form at the moment and working really hard for us,” Smith said on BBC Radio Humberside.

“He’s a big man and he’s a handful, particularly close to the opposition’s try line, which is shown this year on various occasions and he keeps reminding me.”

He stated that the incident was certainly not intentional but that it was simply the rules of the game.

“But no, Tag, I don’t think he did anything intentional by any means. I think it was more a circumstance, but it’s the rules of our game now,” Smith said.

He then went on to suggest it was accidental:

“Sometimes even when our big men land in certain ways it’s deemed as dangerous, whether they intend to or whether it’s just accidental.

“I don’t think there’s much difference or consideration of those things. It’s more a case of, ‘if it’s in this position well, we treat it this way’ and so we didn’t see fit to challenge that. Maybe the wording of it, but that’s about it.”

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