Sam Tomkins’ bold assessment of St Helens’ win over Penrith Panthers

St Helens may have needed a golden point drop goal to beat NRL Champions Penrith Panthers today and be crowned World Club Champions but in the mind of England captain Sam Tomkins the Panthers were second best through out and “didn’t really have a chance for the majority of the game.”

He said on Channel 4 that he felt Saints were truly dominant:

“Although they won it in golden point with a drop goal, the game wasn’t actually that close. They dominated.

“Penrith were close at the end but they didn’t really have a chance for the majority of the game.

“Seeing the Saints players there, I am sure that is something they have dreamed of.

“They’ve been over there for three weeks, written off, a Super League team isn’t going to go over there and beat an Australian team. Well look at this.”

This came after he laid into the Panthers at halftime.

He said: “I don’t think Penrith knew Saints could do this. The questions before this game were around whether Saints could stick with Penrith, match them physically and beat them on an edge.

“Well forget all that. I’m asking whether Penrith can stick with St Helens? Because in that first 40 minutes they have been levels above.

“The intensity in which St Helens defend is different to any other team in Super League. I have been on the receiving end of it many times, they are ruthless.

“Their line speed is ferocious and their intensity is different from any other team. They won’t stop in the second half. They are built for this and this is the perfect game for St Helens.”

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