Rob Burrow ‘gutted’ by passing of Doddie Weir as he blasts ‘stupid government’

Rob Burrow has paid tribute to his ‘MND hero’ Doddie Weir following his passing.

Weir, a former Scotland and British Lions Rugby Union player, was diagnosed with MND six years ago and has fought hard against the disease up until his death today.

He has also become close friends with Burrow, who is also suffering with MND, and he joined Kevin Sinfield at the start of his 7 in 7 ultra marathon challenge in Edinbrugh last week.

Tweeting about the news of Weir’s sad passing, Burrow declared the man he nicknames ‘the giraffe’ was the reason for him ‘being so positive’ while also declaring him his ‘MND hero’.

However, Burrow also took the opportunity to again call out the government as he questioned ‘how many more warriors need to die before this stupid government give the 50m they said they would give’ in response to the government’s failure to release the funds they promised to MND research this time last year.

Burrow tweeted: “So sad to hear the news of the passing of my mnd hero Doddie Weir. I’m sorry to say, how many more warriors die before this stupid government give the 50m they said they would give. I’m absolutely gutted to see my friendly giraffe die. You are the reason for being so positive RIP”

It comes after Burrow, who was diagnosed with MND in 2019, earlier told the BBC that they ‘had blood on their hands’ for failing to deliver on their promises regarding the funds for MND research.

“I’ve heard it is curable but underfunded in the past, with the money supposedly coming from the government, the money Kev has raised, over £6 million, would start it off but this Tory government has blood on their hands because it kills six people every day,” Burrow told BBC Breakfast.

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