RFL set to agree new TV deal with British Broadcasters other than Sky Sports

This year the TV deals with Sky Sports, Channel 4 and Viaplay all expired and so far only one has been renewed.

Sky Sports have agreed a deal to keep showing Super League through to 2026 at a vale of just over £20 million. They will also show every game next year and beyond though the details of this are still to be confirmed.

BBC are the only other broadcasters secured for 2024 but even their deal expires next year. Channel 4 are yet to agree a deal to continue to show Super League. It appears they may not but RL Commercial are still looking for free to air opportunities.

Viaplay have also not extended their deal leaving the Championship without broadcasters but according to new Wakefield owner Matthew Ellis he has been told a new deal is “imminent.”

He said on BBC Radio Leeds: “No. No. Yeah, getting the answers at the minute, I think obviously I spoke to Rhodri and the game on Saturday and I think it’s all imminent. Obviously, I’ve seen the finances that are coming out for the Championship and it is a little bit down on the parachute payments that potentially when I first started talking to John and Michael we were expecting.

“But next year is a year where we’re trying to build the club back up. It won’t affect the budget that we’re putting in for the playing squad. So, yes, we’re still waiting on some information regarding that.

The RFL’s delayed announcement with regards to the structure also delayed Wakefield’s season ticket sales.

Ellis said they will be released soon: “You’ll see it next week, it’s on what we call a slider, so you can slide up and gain sort of merchandise a little bit incorporated in it as well. We haven’t given it too much away because we’re going to do a bit of a reveal on it. But yeah, different price points.

“There’s a lot cheaper tickets available next season as well. If you’re a Wakefield Trinity supporter that struggles to pay £250 at the start of the season, we’re going to have options for you. We’re going to have payment options as well, monthly payments to help out.

“£250 just before Christmas or around Christmas for some families is not always achievable. In this current climate as well.”