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Petition launched to stop RFL rule change as fans left confused by new rules

The RFL has confirmed plans to implement new tackle laws into the game as soon as 2024.

In 2023, the RFL trailed new rules that would make tackles above the armpit illegal moving forward and that rule will come into force at the community level and reserves for 2024 onwards.

It is then set to come into the professional game for 2025 onwards including in Super League.

The RFL put together a helpful video to explain what will be illegal and what won’t be moving forward.

However, the tackles in this have caused more confusion with fans questioning how some can be illegal.

Comments like “how is that illegal” and “this is the end of rugby league” emerged.

One supporter has even suggested that the leg tackle in the video shown as legal creates a greater risk as the two tacklers swinging around the legs are likely to clash heads.

The main tackle that has been criticised has been this one from Leeds Rhinos star Morgan Gannon against Hull FC.

Based on current understanding, it is bewildering to think this could be illegal but as Gannon is above the armpit it is illegal. Gannon and his opponent are at risk of a head clash and that is why the decision has been made to outlaw them.

This confusion and dismay has even led to thousands of fans signing a petition to have the law changed stopped.

Their statement reads: “As a devoted amateur coach and long-time fan of rugby league, I have watched the game evolve over 30 years. Recently, however, I am deeply concerned about the new tackle ruling proposed by our governing body. This rule aims to eliminate contact for under six & under seven from 2024 and only start contact at under tens. This drastic change threatens to undermine participation at the grassroots level.

“We urge the Rugby Football League (RFL) to reconsider implementing these new rules without thorough consideration of their potential impact on grassroots participation and player safety. Please sign this petition if you share our concern for preserving the integrity of rugby league for future generations.”

If you would like to sign the petition you can click here.

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