Paul Wellens has his say on NRL interest in Jack Welsby

After they defeated NRL Champions Penrith Panthers yesterday, St Helens were crowned Champions of the world.

However there is one downside: it will intensify interest in St Helens’ star players by NRL clubs especially Jack Welsby.

Speaking after the win, Head Coach Paul Wellens said his players are “extremely happy” at the club. That said, he did admit “things can change down the track”.

“We as a club are in a position where we’re winning year on year,” Wellens further explained his stance on the situation when speaking to Roar.

“We come out here and perform really well. You don’t need to see Jack Welsby come out here and do well to know he’s an excellent player.

“Turn your TV on and watch Super League, most weekends you can see Jack performing to a very high standard. The same with Lewis Dodd, Mark Percival, Jonny Lomax.

“We have a lot of good players and I consider it a privilege that we’re in a position where a lot of clubs on this side of the world would like to try and take our players. That means we’re doing something right.

“But what we want to do is create an environment where these players want to stay and be a part of it. In rugby league, things can change down the track and I don’t know the ambitions of every player in our squad.

“But I know that, to a man, they’re extremely happy playing for St Helens, pulling on a Saints jersey and coming over here and performing like they did.”

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