Jon Wilkin explains why St Helens lost to Leigh Leopards

Last weekend there was a shock result as the Leigh Leopards stunned Champions St Helens 20-12.

Speaking on Sky Sports, former St Helens man Jon Wilkin said he wasn’t surprised by the result because anything can happen in sport:

“I’ve learnt to be surprised by very little after a long career in sport and that is why we’re fascinated by sport, because we never know what is going to happen.

“People ask me to make predictions, people love it when I get it wrong but the beauty of sport is anything can happen.

“You would have fancied St Helens to beat Leigh that wasn’t the case and what a start to the season for Leigh Leopards. They have done an amazing job and have started the season really well and that was a major scalp against St Helens.

“St Helens need to get going this year and it was a great performance from Leigh to stop them.”

He also explained why the Saints came unstuck against the Leopards:

“I think discipline was partly to blame. I think one issue was the players they had missing after the bans from the week before and Matty Lees got yellow carded here.

“Discipline has been an issue for them but also St Helens didn’t get far enough from them when they had the chances and that allowed Leigh to sneak in and then the game became very twitchy.

“For me it was a case of St Helens not scoring enough points when they needed to but credit Leigh with how they came back.”

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