James Child explains why officials got huge decision “wrong”

The 2023 Super League season may only be six weeks old but it has already had it’s fair share of controversial decision.

One game that keeps getting brought up is Leeds Rhinos’ win over Champions St Helens.

The Saints had three men shown cards that game whilst Sam Walters escaped a card and a penalty for a tackle that was later charged with and fined as being seen as a shoulder charge.

This had many Saints fans upset and now former Super League referee James Child has explained that he felt they arrived at the wrong decision whilst noting the problem with the system which allowed the wrong decision to be reached.

“The video referee can only give an opinion if he thinks it’s a red or yellow card,” Child said on 5 Live.

“So if we go back a few weeks ago when Sam Walters shoulder charged a St Helens player late in that game. Ultimately the referee missed it and it was a difficult challenge to see, two defenders going side by side and he doesn’t see the arm touch.

“When you see the replays they’re from a completely different angle and it becomes much more obvious to the video referee to observe it.

“The video referee, and this is my inference by the way, thought it was a penalty but not necessarily a yellow card. But he can’t simply recommend a penalty so therefore you’re left as on field officials to try and sift through what you make of it.

“Ultimately I thought they got it wrong on the field but you go back a few years ago you had players staying down because they knew video referees could administer a penalty.”

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Andy Loughlin
2 months ago

Why is Childs discussing the rules that’s a laugh for a start. Pity he didn’t know the rules in the Challenge Cup Final last year , I’m not saying because I’m a Giants fan but because he was one of the worst referees I have seen in my life , Absolutely Pathetically Useless.

Phil Robinson
Phil Robinson
2 months ago
Reply to  Andy Loughlin

Totally disagree with you on that.