‘I went away every weekend off’ – Josh Reynolds opens up on cultural differences whilst he was at Hull FC

Josh Reynolds may have returned to Australia after just 18 months at Hull FC, he seemingly enjoyed his time in England.

Speaking on St Helens’ legend James Graham’s podcast the Bye Round, Reynolds opened up on the cultural differences between being in England and Australia.

“They’d go to shop and buy a jacket for £800,” he said of his Hull FC teammates.

“We’d be at training and Jake Connor would be doing his hair and I’d be like ‘You don’t have to look good all the time.’

“Then I’d just show up in my basketball singlet.”

He also explained how many of his teammates rarely left Hull whilst he was keen to explore clearly loving the chance to get to see England: “Jamie Shaul lives in East Hull, if I asked him to come over to West Hull he’d be like no way it’s too far.

“Like Danny Houghton he never wanted to go away, like leave Hull, they never wanted to leave Hull.

“I’ve been to more cities in England than the whole team. On the weekends off I was going to Liverpool, I was going everywhere.

“They’re all like ‘why do you do that?’”

So, even though it ended prematurely for Reynolds in Super League, he seemed to enjoy his time in England.

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