Hull KR boss Tony Smith wants Toulouse Olympique to be given exemption from Super League relegation

If there is one source of debate that never goes away in rugby league, it is that of promotion and relegation.

For three years, Super League and the RFL tinkered with the idea of a licensing system, but that was eradicated with a one-up, one-down solution replacing it.

But, for those newcomers to the top flight, like Leigh Centurions and Toulouse Olympique, it is extremely difficult to stay in Super League with just six to eight weeks of planning before the new season.

And, for Hull KR boss Tony Smith, he can only see the positives from having Toulouse in Super League.

“Toulouse was terrific, it was a really good experience,” Smith said.

“They are a long way off the relegation battle but that can go on for a long time and they may well clear that – I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

“It would be a shame if they (Super League) lost something like that because even when you got here, the facilities are great, it’s a beautiful city.

“I think they play some good rugby league with a terrific coach and they’ve got the sport building and I think in the future the away crowds will build like at Catalans.”

Smith also wants to see the French club given exemption from relegation for a number of years in order to plan better for the future.

“They should have been given an exemption – why get rid of an organisation which contributes positively to Super League?

“I can only see that club getting stronger if given the time.”

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John Rushbrooke
John Rushbrooke
1 month ago

Only decider should be merit.
Finish bottom, get relegated. Simple

1 month ago

What exactly is this positive contribution that they, or the Dragons for that matter, bring to the Superleague? They bring virtually nil in terms of support and, considering the hammering England give the French in internationals, the original idea that it would improve their international presence clearly hasn’t worked. Maybe a more effective approach would be for the two French teams to rejoin the French league, taking their new found experience with them, and for a representative from the RFL to work with them in a consultancy capacity to help develop their league

Also any idea about exemption from relegation should apply to any newly promoted team. Why should that apply to Toulouse just because they are French? What about making the likes of Leigh, Featherstone, etc exempt when and if they are promoted? After all they are the club’s that made this game the best game in the world.