Hull KR boss has his say on Tyler Dupree as transfer saga continues

Hull KR boss Willie Peters is expecting a huge challenge from Salford Red Devils this week as two top teams battle at the Magic Weekend.

People will focus on Salford’s attacking rugby but Peters is focused on their pack.

“I was listening to Paul Rowley speak last week around the way they played. So, they had a certain style and how they wanted to play and they adapted to that,” he said.

“They changed their approach to what they were doing and started going through the middle because that was what worked for them. So there’s no doubt that even though they play that style, you know, open, free-flowing, they’re still going to rely on their middles, we’re still going to rely on our middles as well.

“So there’s no doubt whoever wins that battle, it helps you win the match.

“They’re underrated, there’s no doubt. They’re underrated pack, Salford. I think they do a lot of their work that gets unnoticed because of the players that you mentioned before. They’re the sort of guys that do get the spotlight and get the accolades, but they’ve got some good players in that pack too.”

Unsurprisingly, Peters was asked about Salford star Tyler Dupree.

Hull KR have put in two bids for the prop but Peters is more focused on playing against him rather than signing him: “We’ll focus more around individuals and their pack as a whole.

“Tyler’s one player in their pack. They’ve got some good players in that pack. They’ve got some good back rowers. So it’s not so much about singling out Tyler, but no doubt he’s in form.

“He scored a nice try last week and he’ll be doing the same. We know what we’re going to expect from him in terms of the way he plays.

“They are an aggressive type pack. Again, I think they’re underrated for being that. We certainly, we respect their pack a lot.”