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How Super League teams will be judged on licences, according to rugby league agent

Licensing looks to rearing its head back on the horizon after over a decade since it was last experimented with in Super League.

In that time, the governing body has tinkered with the Middle 8s as well as normal promotion and relegation, but with the input of IMG, things look as though they are about to change – big time.

The idea of two divisions of Super League is one that is seemingly gathering pace as the months roll on with those in the second division aiming to produce a license that can get them into the first.

For leading rugby league agent, Craig Harrison of Show Me The Money UK, if licensing returns, he believes that there are going to be three main areas in which Super League will look to award a second division side a license.

“One of the things they did last time, in the three-year period when they put you in the leagues, they say no promotion or relegation, but you have to have won the league in those three years that you are in Super League B.

“Number two will be the fanbase and three will be development of stadia and academy – Newcastle, York and expansionists will also likely be at the front.”

Harrison also believes that because there will be 14 teams in Super League A – if he is correct – then there will actually be more full-time players.

“I think it is the best move for everybody. There’s no chance it will be two leagues of full-time but Super League B will be part-time. How many Championship teams are full-time?

“So, if you went part-time there would be x amount of players lose full-time jobs but you are gaining two clubs in Super League so you would probably get another 25 players in full-time in the top Super League.”

Of course, it remains to be seen what will actually be proposed by IMG, but the time is certainly nigh with clubs given the blueprint at the end of September.

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