Four NRL Agents in hot water

Rugby League mistake

The NRL have concluded investigations against four player agents for a variety of offences.

None of the cases are linked.

Gareth Orr has had his accreditation cancelled. He has been accused of knowingly aiding a breach of the salary cap rule.

He will appeal this ruling, but it will not be heard until February 2020. The cancellation will therefore not start until the appeal is heard.

Antoun Zibara will serve a three-year probation period. He was found to knowingly submit NRL Player Contracts  which had not been witnessed in accordance to NRL Rules. He has also been fined an undisclosed amount.

Meanwhile, Isaac Moses has been handed a Notice under the NRL accredited Agent Scheme Rules. He will now have to prove why his accreditation should not be suspended or cancelled.

He is accused of assisting or counselling a player to not comply with the NRL Integrity and Compliance Unit. His case will be heard in the new year.

Finally, Mario Tartak is in trouble again, just weeks after his accreditation was reinstated. He was suspended for failing to declare bankruptcy proceedings.

He has now been issued with a Notice for failing to notify the Agents Accreditation Scheme at the time of proceedings. His case will also be heard in the new year.

NRL Chief Operating Officer Nick Weeks told “Our integrity unit has conducted extensive investigations over a number of months which has resulted in disciplinary proceedings against four player agents.

“The reform of the rules relating to player agents at the end of last year has allowed the NRL to hold player agents accountable in the same way as Players and Club Officials.”

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