Former Hull KR star brutally shuts down suggestions of new transfer window system

Clint Newton is still one of the best player to grace Craven Park in the red and white of Hull KR.

One of the best second-rows of his generation, he was a member of the 2009 Super League Dream Team as the Robins recorded their highest ever Super League finish when they finished fourth behind Leeds, St Helens and Huddersfield having spent some of the season top of the table.

Nowadays though Newton has very different priorities as CEO of the Rugby League Players Association in Australia and this week he has brutally shot down the suggestion of a new transfer system in the NRL.

The proposal for this new system would only allow players to sign with rival clubs in the off-season immediately after the last season of their contract.

Players would have from the Monday after the grand final until the Monday before round one to organise their futures and could make use of a separate window for mid-season.

Newton believed the proposals fell “well short” of what players need and expect from a transfer window – likely referencing the uncertain future this would leave any player wanting to move clubs – and said it lacked respect for the playing roster according to reports down under.

That said, the former Robin said the RLPA was willing to try and work with the NRL to revise the system but told SEN: “Don’t let the fancy Americanised words fool you, it’s not about trades and transfers, this is about restraints and restrictions that the game are looking to put on players.

“We certainly oppose what’s put forward. Is there an opportunity to make some positive changes? Sure, and we’ve been open to that.

“Anything that we’ve seen so far certainly falls well short of the expectations and certainly doesn’t fairly respect the risk the players undertake when they play such a high-speed, high-collision, high-risk sport.”

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