Ex-Castleford Tigers star Jacques O’Neill threatens to ‘flatten’ Love Island contestant

It almost seems surreal to watch a former Super League player in the Love Island villa, but it appears as though the entire rugby league fraternity is interested now.

That’s because of former Castleford Tigers player Jacques O’Neill taking the villa by storm, arriving as a bombshell on Sunday night and coupling up with Welsh wonder Paige on Monday night.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way in which people want, and, after being shown a snippet of what’s to come in tonight’s show, it showed O’Neill asking one of the bombshell new guys that have just walked in what he does for work.

The new arrival, Jay, is an investor for a finance company and then, without being asked, O’Neill revealed he was a rugby player before being told by the new Scottish contestant that he ‘looked too small’ to be one.

That riled up the nuggety forward who retorted ‘run at me and I’ll flatten you.’

It was a classic piece of television and rugby fans will be watching tonight at 9pm to see if that does actually happen.

O’Neill, of course, is no stranger to roughing it with those bigger than him, having had a tussle or two with ex-Hull FC star Gareth Ellis and current Black and Whites forward Chris Satae on a number of occasions.

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