Ex-Castleford Tigers and Salford Red Devils star Rangi Chase makes defiant statement

Rangi Chase will forever be remembered for the way he played the game in Super League.

Someone with the world at his feet, the halfback dazzled with his majestic footwork and rugby brain, but things have also been a major struggle.

After being banned twice for using cocaine, Chase appears to have turned a corner, checking himself into rehab at the end of 2021 and working with Rugby League Cares charity in a bid to improve his mental health.

Lately, the mercurial playmaker has been vocal on social media, Twitter, making some great comments and explaining major decisions from some players in certain games – it really has been a breath of fresh air to see a great explain why some players do specific things.

And, the man himself has now given a defiant statement, tweeting: “Very grateful to be able to do the thing that gave me the opportunity to better myself and my life. It’s been a journey full of ups and downs but that’s life. We have a lot to improve on but the journey continues.”

Chase, of course, is currently with the Rochdale Hornets in League One as the Lancashire club attempt to earn promotion back to the Championship.

At the heart of that is the 35-year-old Kiwi and it appears as though he is happy and enjoying himself once more.

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