Ex-Bradford Bulls and South Sydney Rabbitohs star Sam Burgess to return to England for incredible event

Ex-Bradford Bulls and former South Sydney Rabbitohs star Sam Burgess is set to return to England.

That is because Burgess is heading back to the UK to take part in the Gods of League: The Enforcers Tour in October alongside rugby league legends Jamie Peacock and Adrian Morley.

The trio will be attending Warrington’s Parr Hall, Halifax’s Victoria Theatre, O2 Academy in Leeds and Hull’s City Hall in early October as rugby league fans get ready to listen to three of the best to ever take to the field.

Tickets can be found here: https://www.gigsandtours.com/tour/gods-of-league

Meanwhile, Burgess has made a decision over his future – and it probably won’t come as much surprise.

The former Bradford Bulls and South Sydney Rabbitohs star has been linked with an assistant coaching role at the Dolphins and Souths.

But he revealed just how appealing the move to link up with former boss Wayne Bennett at the Brisbane club actually is.

“It is appetising,” Burgess told James Graham on the Bye Round podcast. “I have worked with Wayne for a long time with England and at Souths. You know how much of a great man he is.

“So as a young aspiring coach, it is appetising. Also what I like about it too is it is not another NRL club — I don’t have any history with that club, I don’t have any sort of bad blood or whatever.

“Also the chance to learn next to Wayne on a new franchise, when does that come around? It is not often a new franchise comes along and Wayne Bennett is the coach.

“In that respect I think it is a good opportunity for growth. There is a bit to get through yet before we get there.”

Asked whether his head was saying The Dolphins, Burgess said: “I wouldn’t say it is there. Like I am interested in it for sure. I would be stupid not to be.

“My head, my heart is probably South Sydney because I gave so much to the club. I feel that deep draw to the place.

“Wayne wants me there, I would like to work with him.”

However, Burgess is going with his heart, with every Australian news outlet reporting that the former Bradford man will return to the Rabbitohs as assistant from 2023.

It will be music to many peoples’ ears at Souths, not least owner Russell Crowe who has been close friends with Burgess ever since he hit Australian shores all those years ago.

Burgess also revealed what kind of a coach he is and how determined he is to make it in the coaching world.

“I am sometimes more intense than Wayne, less intense than Maguire. There’s all different sides of me. I am going to be myself.

“I am going to be exactly who I am. I retired a bit sooner than I had imagined so I had not really thought that far ahead.

“I got back into the coaching environment and instantly felt that satisfaction of being able to make a difference, help people.

“I started to think gee, I am all right at this. I know how to communicate, how to get my point across, how to connect with players.

“Instantly I felt drawn to that position. I would rather do something that fulfils me and makes me happy. That is coaching – being around a team environment and making a difference.”

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