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Chairman opens up on the ‘barmy’ idea that Super League clubs had previously discussed

Wigan Warriors chairman Ian Lenagan conducted a fans’ forum earlier this week in which questions could be asked by Wigan season ticket holders concerning the state of the game and of the club.

In an incredibly honest account, Lenagan detailed the state of play between the RFL and Super League as the two governing bodies look set to reunite, but also what the future of rugby league will look like in the UK in terms of structure.

“There’s a bit of politics going on there between them, but the bigger clubs are beginning to flex their muscles to get something sensible going forward,” Lenagan said.

“You’ve seen that relegation for this year stays exactly the same and 12 teams the next year, the idea of going up to 14 and down to 20 is so barmy that we can’t believe why anybody thought that was a good idea.

“But the idea of two leagues of 10, Super League and Championship / Super League Two, that’s in Wigan’s benefit to a certain extent, because you’ve only got 10 top teams. Alright, you might be playing everybody three times in the year, but the better quality of games.

“So, there’s a debate started now as to whether it’s 12, or 10. We haven’t really got an axe to grind either way, as far as that is concerned, we’ll go along with what is the most sensible best option.

“But a lot of it depends on how much money is available for the Super League teams, and how much is available for the Championship teams in order they can compete it and they come up, which may or may not happen.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. BK

    September 4, 2021 at 3:46 pm

    We’re alright Jack!

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