Blake Austin pays credit to Warrington Wolves owner for ‘improving the quality of Super League’

Blake Austin has told all about his time with Warrington and in particular the man who he feels deserves the most credit for making them an elite team in Super League, speaking to Trot The Egg In podcast. 

Austin signed for the Wolves from the NRL after a superb career in Australia where he had been named Daly M Five-Eighth of the Year during his time with the Canberra Raiders.

Joining Warrington prior to the 2018 season, he played with them for three years tallying an impressive 33 tries in 66 games. 

During the podcast it is commented on what a huge signing he was, especially given the fact he was in the prime of his career, aged only 27, with one host referring to his arrival as “a big coup for the league”.

Austin goes on to praise and thank Simon Moran, owner of Warrington, explaining that signings such as himself that involve big money improve the league as a whole and consequently the sport. 

“I think everyone likes to give it to Warrington don’t they because they spend a bit,” he clarifies, before commenting on the impact Moran has on the sport, “I think for what Simon and that do for that club, they don’t just do it for the Wire it’s strengthening the competition as well.

“He deserves a bit more credit for what that does for the sport as well as for his own club,” Austin explains regarding some of the bigger money NRL imports that the Wire have acquired under Moran’s ownership.

Simon Moran bought the club in 2003 and immediately invested money with the prime example being the 2004 move to the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

Since then multiple big-name players, including Austin, have put on the Primrose and Blue jersey enhancing both the Wolves and the quality of the league. 

Austin goes on to make the joke about how “a big curse comes over that club in October,” when questioned about why that investment hasn’t necessarily translated to success come the end of the season. 

You can listen to the full episode here.

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