Why Touch Rugby League Continues to Grow in Popularity

Touch Rugby League (TRL), sometimes called Touch Football or Touch Rugby, is a fast growing sport that started in the Southern Hemisphere, likely Australia and it is now played in nearly every part of the world.

Touch Rugby is a variation on Rugby League that does not include the tackling and rougher play of Rugby League. Instead players are touched in order for played to be stopped. As such, it is a considered a limited contact sport. TRL has many advantages over Rugby League and gives many more people the chance to participate. It also retains most of the elements that fans love about traditional Rugby League.

It continues to gain new followers and fans and even those who bet at top sports betting websites like Novibet. In fact, you can even make a bet with Novibet on TRL games. Here are the reasons why Touch Rugby League is growing so quickly today.

Minimal Contact

One of the knocks on Rugby is that it is a high contact sport. With part of the goal of the game being too run into the opponent at high speed while he or she is also going at high speed, there is always the potential for serious injury. In terms of playing the game this limits the amount of people who will participate. In terms of following the game as a fan, you constantly see the best players injured and taken off the pitch. This negatively affects the quality of the game and also makes it very difficult to get a predictable outcome. It also vastly shortens the careers of many of the best Rugby League players.

In TRL, you only need to touch an opponent who has the ball rather than tackling that person. As a result there is very minimal contact between opposing players. This leads to very few serious injuries and much less injuries overall. As a result, more people are open to participating in the game, and fans can see their favorite players on the field more.

Men and Women Can Play Together

Because TRL is a touch game, you can have players of different sizes and sexes, playing together in a match. Women who may be smaller, can also be effective players because of their speed and maneuverability. In fact this is possible for an all-women’s Team to compete with an even defeat an all men’s team.

It is a Strategy Game

Because touch rugby does not rely solely on physical strength, but must include mental elements in order for a team to win, strategy becomes much more important in the game. Each team must utilize their resources effectively in order to avoid being stopped by the other team. This might mean in some cases, avoiding physical contact altogether, focusing on speed and maneuverability, or simply psyching out an opponent. With these elements, becoming core elements of the game, TRL is a very satisfying game for those who like mental contests.