“We want lesbians on our faces” – a bizarre twist in the Israel Folau saga

Israel Folau is set to play for the Southport Tigers in Queensland.

Howeve, when questioned about whether he stood by the social media posts that caused Rugby Australia to tear up his contract, Folau said he remains loyal to his religion, zerotackle has revealed.

“I tell you what I do stand for, as a Christian I stand by the bible and what the bible says – every written word in that book I stand by that,” Folau said.

“I believe what the bible says. I didn’t write the bible that is God’s written word and I believe that wholeheartedly.”

Folau was faced with a much more awkward question regarding the ‘lesbian reference’ in the team song, which includes a line that reportedly says, “we want lesbians on our faces..”

The 32-year-old responded by saying: “I’ve just signed with the club. I have no idea about what the song is.”

Queensland MP Palmer interjected: “I’ve been a player and been there for 50 years and I haven’t heard it.”

“It sounds like a beat-up and someone’s given you that. I just don’t think it’s true. I can say as a player who played as Tigers.

“I was in the dressing room last Sunday and they weren’t singing the song then. I think it’s sensationalism.”

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