Watch bizarre piece of skill that should have been penalised according to Super League official

You can always count on the NRL for a bizarre bit of skill.

Last week Reece Walsh made headlines in a draw against Gold Coast Titans with a Roberto Carlos like conversion which swerved incredibly in a 24-all draw and would prove crucial to ensuring the Broncos weren’t beaten.

This week though it was them who were on the end of a bizarre piece of skill.

After forcing a goal line drop out against the North Queensland Cowboys, their Queensland rivals conjured up a strange drop out with the ball being allowed to hand after the bounce before being stabbed forward and recollected.

You can watch it here:

The drop out has caused much discussion but Super League official Robert Hicks has been quick to reveal that the drop out should have been penalised branding it as “illegal.”

When asked on Twitter, Hicks said:

“Illegal drop outs must restart with a drop kick which is defined “kicked immediately it rebounds from the ground” that’s not immediate and should be penalised in my opinion.”

He said that the key part was the word “immediately” before he quoted the law itself:

“Key part is about immediately it rebounds hang time irrelevant.

“Section 2 of international Laws of Game includes the definition of a drop kick. It reads: “is a kick whereby the ball is dropped from the hands (or hand) and is kicked immediately it rebounds from the ground.”

So, this piece of skill should have actually been punished rather than praised.

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