Warrington Wolves boss Daryl Powell reveals why George Williams is struggling

Warrington Wolves have been struggling in 2022 under new head coach Daryl Powell.

With just five wins from 15 fixtures, the Cheshire club have been met with the ire from supporters who have been questioning the Wolves’ performances this year.

One of those players who has come under fire is marquee halfback George Williams who joined Warrington from NRL side Canberra Raiders during the 2021 season.

However, Williams was arguably one of the Wolves’ better players in their defeat to Wakefield Trinity yesterday and Powell explained why he is perhaps struggling.

“I thought he played well, but is his game perfect? No but is anybody’s?” Powell said.

“George is a player you expect a lot from and he needs to free his head and not get wrapped up in pressure.

“He doesn’t seem to be bothered by opposition fans singing but he needs to relax, but the pressure we are under at the moment makes that a little bit harder – we have to keep fighting.”

Warrington led four times only to be pegged back by Trinity who then took the lead for the first time in the 77th minute.

The former Castleford Tigers boss addressed why he think his Warrington side failed to win.

“Obviously when things are not going your way then it tends to go that way and it’s so frustrating,” Powell said.

“I can’t begin to explain how tough it is but I thought the effort was there and the boys worked really hard today.

“Some of the pivotal moments there the scrum call and the forward pass when we have a three on one and there’s a couple of bits there that aren’t helping.

“Defensively we have got to be better, we’ve scored enough to win the game, but I thought there were some good things we did with the ball but we have to keep working hard.

“When things are going against you so does luck and the little bits go against you, so I think when it turns we are fine.

“We are not too much in a worse position in terms of the top six, but obviously we lost and we don’t want to do but we are doing too much of it.

“We have to remain positive because I can see the signs.”

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