Wakefield boss gives honest update about future

Chris Chester has been under fire for a number of seasons as Wakefield boss, but he told the Yorkshire Post that he may not be with Trinity in 2022.

“I’ve had five really good years here at the club,” Chester said.

“It’s a position where I’ve not really been in (out of contract).

“I had three years at Hull KR, signed a two year deal here and then renegotiated for three years. That three years is coming to an end.

“Whichever way that the club goes, that’s just sport.”

Despite that admission, Chester is still heavily involved in Trinity’s recruitment.

“Whether that involves me in it, we’re not too sure, but in terms of the players they are all playing for their contracts as are all the staff.

“I’m speaking with (CEO) Michael (Carter) and the Board to try and pick out some recruits that we think will really strengthen the squad.”

But, it’s the personal attacks that has got Chester rethinking his career.

“I’m Wakefield born and bred. What I will say is the challenges I’ve faced over the past couple of years have really made me think deep and hard about a lot of things.

“The personal attacks and things like that makes you think whether coaching – or being a head coach – is actually worth it.”

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