Sydney Roosters boss Trent Robinson slams Wayne Bennett’s claims of ‘rule cheating’

Sydney Roosters boss Trent Robinson has slammed criticism of the way his club has handled concussions

It comes in the wake of Dolphins boss Wayne Bennett’s comments who questioned how Sydney handled Victor Radley’s concussion last weekend, with Robinson firmly stating that they do not cheat the system.

“I am really at peace with the way that we deal with our players,” Robinson told the Daily Telegraph.

“Whatever commentary there is around it, I know how we look after players, I know how we treat HIAs (head injury assessments), I know how we deal with players in game and after game, and over the course of their career.

“Usually you get fired up about this sort if stuff, but I am really calm because I know the way we act and the form is there that we look after our players.

“It was no different on the weekend. What I said after the games was clear – it wasn’t angry. We don’t need to change.

“We are not a team that cheats the system, we are not one of the reasons they had to change the rules. I am really at peace with what we did and we don’t have to change.”

Robinson was also keen not to get into a spat of verbals with Bennett over the issue.

“He is like everyone else watching the game and having an opinion,” Robinson said.

“His standing in the game is quite large which is why you are asking about him. As I said, that doesn’t affect me in the way I feel about the way that we deal with our players.

“We always look after our players. They know that.”

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