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Super League set for drastic changes to six again rule and ruck control in 2024

Super League is set to have a drastic new approach to the play the ball area and subsequently the Six Again rule in 2024.

This was confirmed ahead of the start of pre-season friendlies over the festive friendly with the RFL releasing a statement confirming changes to tidy up the ruck.

There is set to be more focus on flops and hands on ball which is likely set to lead to more six agains.

Overall, they are looking for a tidier ruck in 2024 and therefore we are likely to see a lot more penalties and infringements ahead of 2024.

The RFL confirmed as such saying: “The pre-season games will also be a first opportunity for players and coaches to experience the fresh emphasis from Match Officials on cleaning up the ruck area, which has also been flagged for 2024.

“Clubs have been advised that there will be “closer scrutiny on flops and hands on the ball”, with Match Officials also instructed to “ensure that ball carriers regain their feet on the mark and make a genuine attempt to play the ball with the foot”.

“Head coaches, players and match officials have been working hard in training to implement these key changes. That will continue during pre-season with the aim that everyone understands what is expected in these areas when the main competitions start in 2024.”

Robert Hicks, the RFL’s Chief Regulatory Officer, said: “The next few weeks and the pre-season matches are an important time for all those involved in the sport to fully understand what is needed when the season starts.

“There is a lot of change coming that will have long term benefits for the sport and its spectacle. It is important everyone uses pre-season to understand the expectations of them before a competitive ball is kicked.

“That will require officials to sanction firmly and for players to adapt. We are confident by using these matches to set standards that this will ensure the season starts with everyone understanding what is needed.

“The changes to the head contact sanctioning are significant and so by allowing these to be introduced in a staged way, clubs and players can attempt to adapt their techniques without fear of sanction and missing the start of the season.”

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