Super League coach confirms “discussions” to sign rival player with confirmation expected “next week”

Andy Last early today confirmed that Castleford Tigers loose-forward and hooker Adam Milner is set to leave the club with immediate effect.

He confirmed that the veteran at the Jungle is likely headed to Huddersfield Giants.

On this, Last said to BBC Radio Leeds: “He’s potentially on the move, that has been talked about a lot in terms of the press, that hasn’t been finalised but that is why he’s not playing for at the weekend.”

Last also confirmed that it would be with immediate effect:

“Um, yes, potentially with immediate effect just got to dot the Is and cross the Ts for both clubs.”

Now Huddersfield boss Ian Watson has had his say on the matter confirming that there are discussions at the moment but it isn’t quite confirmed yet.

“I think obviously it’s something we’re discussing with Castleford and that is probably ongoing right now to try and get something sorted out,” Watson said.

He spoke on whether there was ever a possibility he could have played for Huddersfield against Castleford:

“So, yeah, I don’t think that would have happened, I am sure they would not have wanted that to happen. I don’t think obviously they would have wanted Milner to play against themselves.

“He obviously knows a hell of a lot about him, he’s been there for a hell of a long time. So yeah, if everything a hell of a lot about him, he’s been there for a hell of a long time.”

That said, Watson expects Milner to join the club next week:

“So yeah, if everything goes along smoothly then I expect Adam potentially would join us hopefully next week sometime.”

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