Super League club struggling for signings due to “massive, massive salaries”

Andy Last has confirmed Castleford Tigers are struggling to bring in the signing that they want.

This is because either Super League clubs are unwilling to let their players go due to the rising number of injuries in the competition or being unable to match the “massive, massive salaries” in the NRL.

“We’re looking at players, we’re looking everywhere but I sound a bit like a broken record answering this question in that the answer tends to be the same,” Andy Last explained.

“The salary cap in the NRL is so high which means that the lower end of their player pool are commanding massive massive salaries which teams over here haven’t got.

“Then the market over in Super League, teams are busted with bodies bruised so they’re reluctant to let their players out.

“We are looking everywhere but we need to make sure it’s the right decision that will improve the team, not only strengthening numbers, but improving the team.

“We are looking but at the moment nothing has fit the bill.”

He did underline that they did have money to spend:

“Well there’s three strands to it, you’ve got to have the money – which we’ve got. Then you’ve got to identify the player, we’ve identified a couple of players but they’ve knocked us back. You’ve got to get all three aligned and it’s a challenge.”