St Helens star says Morgan Knowles plays the game in the “right” way despite red card

Morgan Knowles could be facing another long term ban.

The St Helens star returned from a lengthy ban last night as St Helens beat Halifax Panthers in the Challenge Cup but right at the end Knowles got sent off for a head high tackle.

Covering the game for Viaplay, St Helens Women’s star Jodie Cunningham said that Knowles’ intent was right but he got on the wrong side of the fine line in rugby league.

“The intent is right, the intent is right. He wants to go and put pressure on the ball player but he gets the contact wrong,” she said.

“It is such a shame, he always plays the game on that line of intensity and aggression.

“It is the last thing he would have wanted, and the last thing Paul Wellens would have wanted on his return game after five games on the sidelines and it looks like that could be another ban.”

Meanwhile, his former teammate Kyle Amor said it was difficult to defend him:

“It is difficult to defend him to be honest. The Halifax player knows he’s coming and he just steps hard and he knows he’s coming and the first contact is head high.

“He is in trouble.”

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