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Shaun Wane claims “half of St Helens” are working for Tonga

Former Wigan Warriors boss Shaun Wane and former St Helens boss Kristian Woolf are finally getting to meet one another.

After all, it is a crime that the two never crossed paths in Super League but to make up for that we are now getting a three game series as the two go toe to toe.

So far it is 1-0 to Shaun Wane and England in the Test Series against Kristian Woolf’s Tonga.

Ahead of that opening win, Wane made some interesting comments about Woolf including the fact he has “half of St Helens working for him.”

He said: “I don’t really know Kristian Woolf personally, but he did okay at St Helens and has a fantastic group of players to coach.

“Obviously he’s back at his old club for the first game. He’s got Paul Wellens and half of St Helens working for him, so everything is geared up for them to win that first test, but that’s a massive motivator for our team.”

He did push the fact he has a lot to be proud of too adding in his programme notes:

“We’ve also got a lot to be proud about and we’re going to be tough to beat as well.

“Being in the camp is brilliant, even though we’ve not had as much time with all of our players as Tonga, we’ll make sure they’re very well prepared.

“We enjoyed the World Cup because it was seven weeks of full on video, messaging, training and recovery- I loved it.”

Also before the game, he spoke about Leeds Rhinos star Harry Newman who is someone he has been critical of in the past.

He said: “I want him to find that balance of competitive nature, control, aggression. Him carrying the ball back in the field, he’s the best ball carrier in the competition.

“Harry Smith, Mikey Lewis, two young kids, the future of our country. And I want to see them do what they do with the club. Mike is a runner, Harry is an organiser, he can kick. I want to see them do them things as well.”

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